Improve IT Outcomes and Communication with Simplified Project Management

Andrew Graf

October 5, 2017

    With #AUC2017 less than two weeks away, we are thrilled to share with you a series of guest blog posts courtesy of some of those who are sponsoring this year’s Aptify Users Conference! This is a guest blog post by Andrew Graf of TeamDynamix. Thank you for sponsoring, and we look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

    Trade Associations often face incredible challenges when it comes to IT resource bandwidth. This is especially true as projects spring up out of nowhere and priorities are shifted overnight. By instituting a true project management discipline across the entire organization, trade associations can start to address these obstacles.

    Does this sound familiar?

    Many teams are left to manage their operations with a series of time-consuming, manual processes and multiple, disparate tools. However, using a variety of different tools including Microsoft Word, Excel, and others often leads to information silos.

    For instance, if an updated report is sent by email, but one or more people are accidentally excluded from the recipient list, some will be left to continue operating without vital information. It is not difficult to imagine how this scenario could lead to errors and confusion. Having a single repository for all project-related information breaks down the barriers between data silos.

    Improve Resource Management & Communication

    Having all project data in one place is a huge piece of the puzzle for project teams. Not only is it incredibly convenient when it comes to locating information, it also allows for faster, more accurate reporting and analysis. When combined with capacity planning, automation, and forecasting, teams can go beyond traditional project management and govern the entire portfolio of projects. This is where Project Portfolio Management (PPM) comes into play, where associations can:

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