How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to AUCA 2017

Attending the Aptify Users Conference Australia (AUCA) every year can be a tall order when you’ve got so many other high priority tasks to complete and a manager asking you to justify the cost.

I might be biased, as I have a hand in the conference agenda and planning, but 2017 is certainly going to be the best line-up of sessions we have ever had for Australia Aptify users, and I would hate for you to miss out.

So here are my top three arguments to take to your manager to help justify your educational trip to AUCA2017.

Join me on Friday, July 17 in Sydney, Australia for this year’s Aptify Users Conference Australia. Register today and take advantage of the early bird discount!

1. Amazing Educational Agenda

theater-seats-1033969_1280.jpgThis year we have expanded the AUCA agenda to include something for every type of Aptify User. From the Executive, to the End User to the Techie, there is something for you.

We are especially excited to announce a full stream of End User Training to accompany the stellar line-up this year:

  • Simplifying the Aptify Search - A guide to when to use Quick Search, Global Search, Prompted Views, and Record Search…and why the heck are there so many searches anyways?!
  • Base Views Are The Answer! – Yep, they are…and find out why and how you can leverage them!
  • One Dashboard, Not 50! – Streamlining the Home Dashboard and creating ONE Application where ALL desired services reside…that is crazy?! But guess what? IT IS POSSIBLE! Find out how…

Say something like: “I want to further my association education, add to my arsenal of Aptify expertise, extend my professional network, and return to the office a rockstar. Have you seen the educational agenda?” 

2. Exciting Networking Events

container-1869207_1280.jpgYou won’t find your typical conference networking scenario at AUCA 2017. Interaction is what our conference is all about! Attendees will have an opportunity to learn from and gain inspiration from one another during educational sessions, discussion breaks, and with the client case studies we will be offering this year.

Say something like: “The conference will give me a chance to connect with other Aptify users and will provide firsthand knowledge of how other member-centric organisations are using Aptify to gain a competitive advantage, optimise solutions, and increase productivity.”

3. The Price Can’t Be Beat

With early bird pricing being only $150 per registration, that price cannot be beat.

Say something like: “Upon my return from AUCA 2017, I will share key takeaways with you and my team that will surely grow our successful use of Aptify and impact our bottom line. Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity. Aptify has negotiated a discounted rate of $150/per registration during the early bird period. Therefore, I appreciate your immediate attention to my request.”

Don’t miss out on this year’s AUCA 2017 conference! Register today so you can take advantage of the early bird discount. 

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