How Aptify Ranks in the Lehman Report AMS Software Market Study

The 2019 Aptify Painted Picture, our free mobile app revealed at AUC2016, the 2017 influencer predictions, and the coming of our latest release all show Aptify at the forefront of associations of the future. We’re in place to be your organization’s partner for association success in 2017 and beyond. As a new team member at Aptify last year, all the future fun is exciting—but I’ve wondered, as you may have as well, what do we see if we look backwards at Aptify?

More excitement, actually. Lehman Associate’s 2016 AMS Market Study showed Aptify delivering on our brand promises to clients and better satisfying user needs than any other enterprise AMS software. As 2017 starts, I’m writing today to share what Aptify’s done right in 2015 and 2016 and to celebrate it. Ultimately, everything we do is to Change the World, One Client Mission at a Time, so our success is designed to be that of our clients as well.

The Lehman Report surveyed association professionals in the United States about their AMS solutions and is a long-standing industry benchmark. For the study’s methodology and info, visit Aptify has verified with Lehman Associates the data presented in this post.

Here are the highlights:

1. Aptify clients are most satisfied

Among large associations ($5 million+ annual revenue) Aptify ranks first in product satisfaction among the leading four enterprise AMS software providers.

The report polled satisfaction ratings for 31 different AMS features among large associations ($5 million+ annual revenue). Among the four leading enterprise AMS software providers, Aptify had the highest satisfaction ratings on nearly half of features (15 of 31), and is tied or a close second on 5 other features. Our closest competitor has top ratings on just 8 features. The report shows both the breadth and effectiveness of the Aptify product. The Aptify difference in product can power your association success.

Ready to unpack that?

2. Our brand promises to you

Aptify makes a feature-based promise to all clients—Flexible Solutions, Guaranteed Upgrade Path. In the Lehman Report, Aptify receives top ratings for both “Third-Party Integration” and “Cost and Ease of Upgrade Options.” Not only does Aptify deliver on our brand promises, we lead the enterprise AMS software market while we serve you.

3. Configuration, never customization

How do we make that upgrade path guaranteed? A key is our product and consulting commitment to configure and never customize. Our COO, Mark Patterson, even wrote a manifesto for why configuration is always right for your association success. The Lehman Report shows this unique Aptify focus earns higher satisfaction ratings from association users, with Aptify ~2 points ahead of our three closest competitors on a 10-point satisfaction scale for “Meets business processes w/o customization.”

4. Clear, ambitious product roadmap the road ahead.jpg

Associations also reported the highest satisfaction with the “development direction of the product” for Aptify. One of our Core Values is Innovative; our Aptify team members keep our product at the forefront of technology, whether that be mobile devices or incorporating machine learning. We’re also transparent about where the product is headed and you can watch COO Mark Patterson cover the highlights here, or view his full presentation at the 2016 Aptify Users Conference.

5. Improving eBusiness, Where We Already Win

We want to exceed expectations with the Aptify product—that’s why in the first half of 2017 Aptify is releasing a completely revamped and modernized version of the Aptify eBusiness suite. eBusiness will be even better—but the Lehman Report already shows Aptify with substantially higher satisfaction ratings in key areas including “Overall e-Commerce,” “Shopping Cart Functionality,” “Capability to Customize e-Commerce Web Pages,” and “User On-Site Shopping Experience.” Our product team doesn’t rest on their laurels, because your association deserves the best.

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