Everything You Need to know about the Aptify Mobile App

The Aptify Mobile App combines the best parts of Aptify’s first-class CRM, Meetings, and Sales modules into one streamlined mobile experience, giving you access to all your members from your iOS device FREE.

To launch the app, our Client Success Manager, Ben Lee, and Product Manager, Ajay Singh, demonstrated the app’s functionality and answered a few questions live to the User Community. Watch the on-demand recording now! 

What’s included?

Snapshots, Views & Summary Dashboards

Keep an eye on your progress of your membership, events, and revenue with Snapshots built specifically for mobile use. Gain insights from your data with mobile views created to focus in on what’s most important to you.

Global Search

Work efficiently and without frustration by finding and opening the records you need directly from the search bar. You’ll have quick and easy access to your records as you need them.

Persons & Companies

Keep in touch with your most important asset, your members. With streamlined records built for purpose, reaching out to your members has never been easier.

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