Community Brands & Aptify: What It Means for You

Mark Patterson

April 19, 2017

    The news that Aptify, along with Abila and YourMembership, was acquired by Community Brands stirred up the industry last week and left us all feeling a mixture of excitement and anticipation.

    This is a new adventure for our organization and for you, our clients. And while we believe it’s something to celebrate, we also understand the uncertainty that this change brings. You have questions about the future and we’re here to answer them.

    Community Brands and AptifyI’ll be hosting a town hall meeting this Friday, April 21, at 1:00 pm EDT, alongside Aptify’s new CEO, JP Guilbault. This hour-long session is open to Aptify clients exclusively, where we’ll answer your questions and discuss:

    • What the Community Brands acquisition of Aptify means for your organization
    • What changes you can expect to see
    • How Aptify plans to grow in the future

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    In the meantime, I shared the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received about Community Brands and Aptify so far over on the blog, including:

    • What is the difference between this acquisition and a traditional merger?
    • What does this mean for my organization in the short term?
    • What does this mean for my long-term investment?
    • Will my current project with Aptify be impacted?
    • What will be the impact on the Aptify product roadmap?

    To read the full list of questions and answers, check out the post. And to hear us answer your questions live this Friday, add the town hall to your calendar. 

    See you Friday!

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