AUCA2017 Speaker Spotlight – Susanna Richardson

The Australian Aptify Users Conference (AUCA2017) is now in its third year, and we are keeping with our tradition of showcasing the great work our Australia clients do.

This year, we are dedicating an entire session stream to Aussie success stories and the lineup wouldn’t be complete without the incomparible Susanna Richardson.

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Susanna is the Online/Digital Marketing Coordinator at the Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association (VHIA). She, like many association professionals, saw the opportunity to better engage with VHIA members. What better way to engage than to create an industry-specific app that members could use to feel a greater sense of community and that VHIA could use as a vehicle to work directly with members.


Susanna will be talking about the experience of creating the app and the results (so far) for VHIA. Susanna’s session will help you gain:

  • Insight into building your own community app
  • The ins and outs of app development for member-based organisations
  • Real life statistics of the timeline of community development

Check out Susanna’s full bio

View the VHIA Building a Community App Case Study

The early bird price of $149 ends on Friday, 16 June, so get in quick to lock in the best price.

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