AUC2016 Video Round Up: Best Sessions to (Re)Watch

I can’t believe it’s been a month since AUC2016. This time of year just flies by! During the time since the conference, Aptify has been working hard to ensure all the great conversations and content from AUC don’t stay in Miami. We want to ensure the spirit of sharing, learning and innovation from AUC is injected into your work all year round.

So, to infuse the AUC energy into November here is my round up of the best sessions to (re)watch from AUC2016. 

Association Security: No More Easy Targets

Doesn’t the thumbnail of this video just say it all?! This session was one of the most highly-rated sessions at AUC2016 and was definitely an eye-opener for a lot of the association folks in attendance.

Our “Ethical Hacker”, Josh Hiller, takes you through all the ways in which your association is at risk of a data breach and how to prevent being vulnerable to online threats. A data breach will result in a loss of member trust, which will affect your ability to fulfil your association’s core purpose. This session discusses methods for enhancing cybersecurity within your association and safeguarding your members’ confidence.

Need help with cybersecurity? Check out our Threat Assessment.

Find Out More about a Cybersecurity Threat Assessment

Aptify Upgrades: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Thinking about upgrading to the newest version of Aptify? Well, the team at the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) present the truth about what really happens, what to expect and how to prepare for it.

Learn what worked for this upgrade project and how EAA & Aptify were able to partner together to deliver on time, on budget and with the promised functionality.

Aptify Product Roadmap

Learn about Aptify’s product, services roadmap and new additions to the Aptify family of companies. Use the handy chapters on the side of the video to skip ahead to the demonstrations of Aptify Web, the Aptify Mobile App and the newest version of Aptify eBusiness.

Learn More about the Aptify Mobile App

More AUC?

Want to see more sessions from AUC2016? Head over to Aptify Connect to see all the sessions in full.

Bonus Round

I couldn’t leave out the Innovation Competition finalists and winner! The Aptify Innovation Competition has been a signature highlight at AUC, as it recognises the creative, community-driven technology solutions our clients have developed using the Aptify platform – and this year’s finalists and winner are no exception!

The votes are in, explore the 2016 innovations

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