AUC2016 Innovation Competition: Show Us What You’ve Got

Each year, the Aptify community gathers together for three days of education, thought-leadership, and collaboration at the Aptify Users Conference. The Aptify Innovation Competition has been a signature highlight at AUC, as it recognizes the creative, community-driven technology solutions our clients have developed through using the Aptify platform.

 Aptify Innovation Competition

Here are three things you need to know about this year’s Innovation Competition.


1. It’s Time to Share Your Success Story

The 2016 Aptify Innovation Competition showcases the unique ways that Aptify clients are driving success at their organization through innovation. As you consider which innovative solution you would like to submit this year, think of how the solution impacts your association. Maybe you’ve created a feature that streamlines a critical business process, developed an application that transforms how your staff uses Aptify, or made a simple edit to a standard field that has completely changed the game. We would love to learn more about it (and so would 300 of your closest friends at AUC)! Check out last year’s top five finalists for inspiration!

2. It’s Easy to Submit Your Innovation

Applicants can easily submit their innovations in a variety of formats. Choose between providing a recorded demonstration of the invention, sending a document that outlines the new feature, or writing a detailed description of the innovation—or all of the above! The best entries explain the initial challenge your organization faced that prompted the creation of the innovation, details how the solution was developed, and illustrates the benefit the solution provides.

3. The Winner Goes to the Next AUC for Free

Once again, we will enlist the support of the Aptify Review Board—a group of unbiased, senior Aptify team members—to review innovations and select finalists. Innovations that advance to the final round are presented at AUC2016, where the larger community votes for the winner. The winning organization receives one free registration to AUC2017, along with a few additional perks!

The Aptify Innovation Competition is open to all client organizations who are currently using a supported version of the Aptify software. 

While you’re thinking of which innovation to submit, why not register for the conference? Aptify Innovation Competition

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