Aptify Users Conference Australia Roundup

Aptify TeamAptify Users Conference Australia 2016 (AUCA2016) is over for another year! Thank you to everyone who attended! Without the fantastic support of our delegates, this event would not be possible. It was great to reconnect with some familiar faces and meet some new ones. I hope that over the course of the day you made some new contacts and had an overall great time.

Rocking the Red – Year Two

2016 is the second year Aptify has run the Users Conference in Australia. With the inaugural event out of the way, 2016 was about digging in and focusing on our clients’ existing business needs and how Aptify (and our partners) can help them achieve association success.

How to deliver kick-ass experiences for your members w/ @WebSilkCreative #AUCA2016 pic.twitter.com/dnSwrboJ7C

— Angie Karpouzis (@angiekarpouzis) July 5, 2016

With great sessions ranging from member engagement to the product roadmap, and two client case studies, this year celebrated our clients’ journeys and the exciting opportunities ahead.

User Community Says… growing_an_online_community.jpg

This year we introduced a client-only in camera session to the AUCA2016 agenda. Aptify Australasia is still a small business in its third year of operation, so honest client feedback is paramount to our progress and success. Giving clients the floor for honest and unfiltered feedback was a risk, but one we needed in order to grow. 

Users were given 90 minutes over lunch and 60 minutes before the closing session to gather and present their thoughts about account management, product feedback and recommendations, client communication, and their overall experience with the team. Facilitated by community volunteers Darryl Perkins and Greg Porter, the session was a success and our team learned some hard truths—but even greater—positivity around how the Aussie User Community wants to form and grow.

Closing Statements

Moving into next year’s Users Conference, I encourage all delegates to complete the post-event survey so we can make next year an even better event. As per the community request, we will be seeing each other more often and networking with more purpose. I am thrilled with the engagement at the conference this year and hope to bring the same energy and enthusiam to our upcoming Australia-based events. 

I’d love to know what you thought of AUCA2016. Send me a tweet @angiekarpouzis or leave a comment below.

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