Aptify Users Conference Australia 2017 Roundup

Aptify Users Conference Australia 2017 (AUCA2017) is over for another year! Thank you to everyone who attended! Without the fantastic support of our delegates, this event would not be possible. It was great to reconnect with some familiar faces and meet some new ones. I hope that over the course of the day you made some new contacts and had an overall great time.

Rocking the Red – Year Three

AUCA 2017.jpg

With two conferences under our belt, 2017 was all about strength in numbers. Mark Patterson kicked off the day by discussing what Community Brands means for Australian Aptify users.

More investment and innovation from our new sister companies and a new, larger base of international users means better return on investment and great participation for Aussie users.

Celebrate User Success


This year’s users conference has a dedicated stream for our Aussie users to tell their Aptify stories. With speakers, from our newest users The Tax Institute and veterans The Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association (VHIA), there was an energy in the air about what can be achieved using the Aptify system.

The Tax Institute re-visited their recent Aptify implementation highlighting what they learned about their organisation, their members and their staff. VHIA covered launching their first integrated app and how it has benefited their members and brought the industry closer together.

Closing Statements

We closed the conference this year with a renewed sense of community and per the community request, we will be seeing each other more often and networking with more purpose.

I am thrilled with the engagement at the conference this year and hope to bring the same energy and enthusiasm to our upcoming Australia-based events.

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