Aptify Launches Premium Shopping Cart Features in Latest AMS Release

The wait is over! The Aptify team has been hard at work and we are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest association management software release!

You could say this release is 23 years in the making—that’s how long we’ve been serving associations and building membership software to meet the needs of organizations worldwide.

With this latest release, Aptify has a totally revamped e-commerce suite, greater processing speed, and a deeper feature set that gives users more power to control their data and work free of distraction.

“Aptify is constantly working to keep our association management software on the cutting-edge of technology, while listening to our clients about their changing needs. This release captures both technological evolution and client requests in a single product update,” Krishna Raman, Vice President of Aptify R&D, says.

Aptify AMS LaunchSpeed, performance, and functionality drive Aptify’s e-Business suite, the e-commerce portal that connects an association’s database to its members. Upgraded features in e-Business now provide members a shopping cart experience on par with online shopping best practices, including customer reviews and order renewals.

“From setting up membership auto-renewal through the shopping cart to managing their own preferences and profiles, members have enhanced power to manage their experience with the organization,” says Ajaypal Singh, Aptify Product Manager.

Faster performance extends well beyond the e-Business suite. The new release will have member-based organizations working up to 200% faster than before throughout the entire system.

“Our software and coding is now leaner and more efficient than ever, meaning less time loading screens and more time achieving your mission,” Sapna Bhat, Aptify Product Manager, says.

In addition to the next level performance gained by faster processing, the Aptify AMS now includes an Aptify Outlook Add-In that combines both email and contact log functionality. With the Outlook Add-In, clients can create, open, and add to records in the Aptify system straight from Outlook. This eliminates both having to change focus between the two systems as well as repeating data entry.

The Aptify team also has upgraded form functionality to save its users time. Separate departments now can have individual and unique summary forms so that, depending on group function, users have direct access to the top-level summary information they need the most. Plus, new country fields transform based on the country input in a form, saving the frustration of having to force fit addresses into one country-specific form.

And that’s not all! Just last month, we unveiled the Aptify Mobile App for iOS, which combines the performance and innovation of Aptify with the ability to work from anywhere. It’s the power of Aptify right in your pocket! Of course, the mobile app is fully compatible with this release and is available for free in Apple’s app store.

We’d love to show you all the new features—just hit the button below to set up a time to check it out.

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