Aptify 2016 in Review: David Letterman-style

Aptify 2016 in Review: David Letterman-style

Every Thursday in our Global Huddle, I read off the Aptify team’s ‘Wins and Great Things’ for the week. So, in December, we asked everyone to crowdsource wins for the entire year of 2016. Then I presented it to the team, David Letterman-top-ten-style. 

We’re only successful when we help you, so it makes sense to celebrate together. I’m sharing the wins with you, the community—here we go!

#10 – New members of our community!

You’re all crucial parts to Aptify Connect, our user community. So we are happy to welcome seven new clients who selected Aptify to help achieve their goals in 2016. Plan to greet them at AUC2017 and online at Aptify Connect.

  • American Academy of Physician Assistants
  • Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Building Industry Consulting Service International
  • Council of Residential Specialists
  • Hagerty
  • Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties
  • Pennsylvania Bar Institute

#9 – Launch of Aptify Europe aptify europe.svg

After many years of planning, we now have two team members in Dublin, Ireland—with further expansion ahead in 2017. Our clients in Europe already appreciate the closer support, and we expect the office in Dublin will expand and deepen our community on the other side of the Atlantic.

#8 – AUC2016 and Community Blog

I had a great time in Miami for AUC2016 with so many community members. The ways you accomplish your missions using our software and services is inspiring to all our team here at Aptify. Thank you.

My own excitement was perfectly aligned with the crowd-favorite announcement at AUC: our new Aptify Mobile app, and yes, it is free. (Aptify Mobile is another win, all on its own, below).

In 2016, we also launched this Community Blog at blog.aptify.com/community. It has everything from client highlights to how-to videos from our training team. Both blog and successful AUC are part of Aptify’s ongoing commitment to help build and deepen your user community.

#7 – Aptify Cloud aptify-cloud-hosting.jpg

The security, accessibility, and ROI of Aptify Cloud continue to drive adoption by associations. 31 Aptify clients are now live in the Aptify Cloud, where we’ve had 99.93% uptime over the last 3 years. I encourage you to make evaluating Aptify Cloud for your association a New Year’s Resolution in 2017. 

#6 – “Know the Score”

“Know the Score” is a mantra we introduced to our team this year. Helping each of our team members understand how their individual roles and decisions affect the company as a whole has shifted Aptify to a fully-KPI-driven culture. This emphasis reduces cycle times and already makes us more efficient. It’s all for delivering more value, faster to each of you, our clients.

#5 – Inbound Marketing inbound marketing for associations.jpg

2016 was the year of Inbound Marketing at Aptify. Our marketing team improved how association staff find Aptify and see our solutions to the roadblocks that hold them back from association success.

Inbound marketing flips the traditional marketing model on its head. Instead of cold calling and spammy email, we write blogs and ebooks so helpful you want to sign up for them. We think ours is the best software out there for enterprise-level membership organizations. So we became thought-leaders for how to use Aptify to drive your
association’s success.

Inbound marketing focuses on the needs of the recipients of the message, and (speaking to association leaders candidly here) this is one of your needs. Inbound should be your marketing paradigm (our sister company, Grit Marketing, can help). I wish you the same success as Aptify has.

#4 – Social Responsibility global.jpg

Aptify is a team of great people involved in their communities. However, we believe we’re called to more than that as a company. That’s why social responsibility is an emphasis at each of our offices. In India, that’s taken the form of computer donations to rural schools. In North America and Australia, team members walk the Light the Night together for blood cancer research.

Social responsibility is the cornerstone to so many community members, and we salute your work as well.

#3 – Aptify Mobile 

You probably hear a lot about Aptify’s four core values, but the Aptify Mobile app is a perfect case study for #Innovative. Team members Sandeep Jain and Ajay Singh dreamed big. Their collaboration across continents created a functioning prototype we had no choice but to greenlight!

The mobile app will make much of Aptify you use everyday available on-the-go. This is easily the largest product improvement of the year for you—and it’s completely free. Sign-up and download today.

#2 – Client Delivery Success

Our consulting team is getting people live on Aptify! This year we celebrated go-lives for:

  • American Payroll Association
  • ClubsNSW
  • Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties
  • Professional Engineers Ontario
  • Royal Australasian College of Physicians
  • The Tax Institute

The American Dental Association now has 49 of their 50 state affiliates live on Aptify, another huge milestone.

If you’re thinking about that upgrade, we’re making those easier too! Successful upgrades this year included:

  • American Health Information Management Association
  • Experimental Aircraft Association
  • Ohio Society of CPAs
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States

Your association’s success is the best rationale for using Aptify, which is why our consulting team treats you as a partner in configuring Aptify and your business processes. We’re looking forward to hearing back from these clients about how the work we did with them in 2016 positioned them well for this coming year.

#1 – Working as a Team!

That last point about consulting leads straight to what I chalk up as the top win for Aptify in 2016: working as a team.

We want to be more than just an IT vendor for you–our experience and powerful software make us perfect as a partner. When we partner we invest ourselves in your success as well. Nothing is better than when I hear happy feedback so often from clients about how our team members helped them achieve their missions.

Thanks to the Aptify team and to you, our community, for a great 2016.

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