Welcome to the Aptify Marketplace (AMP) Review series. Throughout this series, I will be taking a look at the various extensions available through the Marketplace and how they can work for your association and aid in your use of Aptify. 

You can check out all of the extensions in this series at aptify.com/amp. Let’s jump into the SAML Single-Sign-On extension.

Each review will cover three categories: 

  1. Extension Overview
  2. Useability for End Users
  3. Maintenance and Cost

Extension OverviewAptify Marketplace

SSO.pngSAML is an industry standard for Single-Sign-On (SSO). Aptify E-Business becomes the identity provider and multiple websites (service providers) can authenticate against Aptify. Customers log into one site and can then browse other SAML connected websites without entering authentication information again. So for example, if you are using Aptify E-Business as the backbone of your website so members can purchase products, education or register for events online, and then you also want to have a separate online community, members would only be required to have one set of credentials. 

Useability for End Users

This extension isn’t really for Aptify End Users, rather for your members, and it should be pretty seamless. Members will be able to access various websites with only one set of credentials and even better if they are already signed in there is no double entry.

On the Aptify side, if a member forgets or needs to re-set their password, you can access this through their web user record connected to their person record. This process will not be different from accessing the web user record, it just has more uses now! Additionally, Aptify will track all instances of the use of SSO so you can track members utilizing their credentials across different sites.

Maintenance and Cost

Initial set up will require participation from the third-party site (for authentication purposes) and testing.

Once this has been completed, you will need to keep track of your third party’s site authentification changes as this may break the connection between the two sites.

Kevin Brand FeedbackKevin Brand from American Society for Radiation Oncology had a great experience with the installation (inset) including liaising with their third party vendor.

Finally, on to the price. This extension retails for $US8,000 excluding sales tax (subject to change, please check the Aptify Marketplace for the most up to date price). 

I’d love to know what you think of this extension or if you need some advice on how to move forward with the Aptify Marketplace.

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