AMP Review: Knowwho Legislative Integration

Angie Karpouzis

September 11, 2016

    Welcome to the second blog of the Aptify Marketplace (AMP) Review series. You can read my first review of the Email Verification using Kickbox extension here. 

    Throughout this series, I will be taking a look at the various extensions available through the Marketplace and how they can work for your association and aid in your use of Aptify. 

    Each review will cover three categories: 

    1. Extension Overview
    2. Useability for End Users
    3. Maintenance and Cost

    You can check out all of the extensions in this series at

    Extension Overview

    This extension imports legislator’s contact information into Aptify and creates a link between the Persons records and their representatives and senators at both the state and federal level using the persons record’s post code. 

    Once you have this information in Aptify, you can create views to segment your member-base by voting area and send highly segmented communications to members based on this information.

    Useability for End Users

    For your normal end user, this will be another piece of member information to report on. The documentation has some good examples of views you can create:

    • Lookup a Persons by their legislative district and Legislators
    • Lookup the list of Persons within a legislators district
    • View all Persons by district who have donated to the PAC or a Government Affairs entity
    • View legislative districts by member count – which legislative districts and legislators have the most members?

    My guidance to end users would be to request that a field be added on the Persons record and/or the Persons Summary screen so that they can glean this information quickly in a Persons record. This field creation is not part of the extension installation, and should be something that is planned for before the launch. 

    Finally, a warning to our international friends. This extension is only available for US based Aptify clients. Australian and European clients cannot use this extension. Please let me know if you are interested in an extension of this nature for your country and we’ll let the right people know. 

    Maintenance and Cost cost.jpg

    From reading the product documentation, it doesn’t look like there is a huge amount of maintenance required for this extension. I would ensure your IT Team is aware that there needs to be a scheduled task created in Aptify to ensure the sync between Aptify and Knowwho Legislative is active and the frequency matches your communications schedule. Other than this, the extension is self-sufficient and should not require any further maintenance. 

    Onto price, this extension costs $6,000 (US dollars) excluding sales tax (this price is subject to change, so please check AMP for the most up-to-date price). Before your purchase, double check that your address fields match the required format for this extension. If this is not the case, you can also purchase the Address Verification Batch Options extension for half price when bundled with the Knowwho Legislative Integration.

    I’d love to know what you think of this extension or if you need some advice on how to move forward with the Aptify Marketplace. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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