5 Ways to Get Involved in the Aptify Users Community Today

Are you looking for ways to learn more about the Aptify product? Would you like to collaborate more with your peers, Aptify experts, and association thought leaders? The Aptify Users Community has endless opportunites for you. Here’s a quick guide to get you up and running in the online community right away.

GetInvolved.png1. Volunteer for a Community Committee

Help shape the direction of the community by volunteering for a committee. There’s a committee to suit nearly any interest. What’s even better is there isn’t a huge time commitment—committees meet once a month for an hour via video conference. Volunteering is a fantastic way to meet new people, share your feedback, and truly see your ideas have a lasting impact on the community. View the full list of available committees before deciding which one to join.

2. Attend a Community Roundtable

The Aptify Developer Roundtable meets every month by video conference, and other topic-specific roundtables are held throughout the year. Here, developers, program managers, power users, and end users meet to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and create solutions. Introduced to the community last year, this open-forum style meeting has been tremendously successful at gathering professionals of various backgrounds and expertise together to connect with each other. Roundtable sessions are also great ways to learn more about the flexibility of the product and how others within the community have been successful leveraging Aptify at their organizations. Read more about the roundtable in our online community.

3. Join the Discussion

The online community—newly named Aptify Connect—is comprised of a friendly bunch of amazing professionals who are happy to help you find solutions to whatever question you have. No question is too basic or complex! The ability to engage with each other in this capacity is what the users community is all about—it’s how we learn from each other. Ask questions, start new discussions, or add your ideas to existing conversations seamlessly. 

Tip: We recommend subscribing to as many sub-communities as you would like, regardless of your role within your organization, by simply joining. Once you have subscribed, you will have access to post your questions and start discussions directly within the sub-community pages.

4. Share & Collaborate

Last year, we introduced the Association Success platform into the community mix, to serve as an extension of the users community. Powered by one of Aptify’s family of companies, rasa.io, Association Success provides the perfect outlet for community members to share content and engage with industry thought leaders. Do you have a blog post, article, or webinar you think others within the community would also enjoy? Don’t be shy! We encourage you to share that content. We’re all looking forward to your next post!

5. Hang Out with Us Offline

One of the best things about the community and its members is hanging out with each other in-person, as well! We hope to see you this year at the Aptify Users Conference (AUC) in Miami, Florida, in October, or at one of the springtime regional meetings we host in Washington, D.C., and Chicago. Save the date for AUC2016 (October 16–19) and stay tuned for updates on the regional meetings.

Remember, the community is open and available for all current Aptify clients and there are numerous ways to get involved. Interested in becoming a community volunteer? Sign up today!

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