3 Sessions You Can’t Miss at AUC2017

This year’s Aptify Users Conference (AUC2017) will have important sessions for the entire association industry, as we’ll hear from Community Brands president JP Guilbaut in both a keynote address and later a Q&A. Expect those sessions to cover the exciting future of Aptify and the larger Community Brands solution ecosystem. Innovation won’t just change your job—it will position your association to change the lives of your members.

But as a marketer at Aptify and former Aptify end-user at an association, what sessions excite me practically? Here’s one session each day that you don’t want to miss if you’re in membership or marketing.

Before you dive into these can’t miss sessions, have you registered for AUC2017? 

If not, take a moment and do that!

Now that you’re back, here’s what I think you should check out. 

Cybersecurity is not something you can forget about and hope IT takes care of it. Membership and marketing should be proactive in insisting your organization follows best practices to safeguard your member/marketing data and prevent malicious content on your website. The time you spend listening to Josh and pushing your organization to implement his recommendations is infinitely less than the PR debacle you’ll have to manage when you’re hacked.

October 17 – “Base views ARE the answer!” – Luis Pineros

One reason your team chose Aptify is to have one single source of truth for data in your organization. To achieve that, you need Aptify’s base views to combine data across your Aptify modules. Luis will give you Aptify ninja skills you can bring back to the office and target your next membership campaign with actionable data.

October 18 – “Using Aptify to Power Marketing Initiatives” – NJCPA

This practical panel session will begin with a hands-on case study from New Jersey Society of CPAs. The panel will follow up with more information and best practices for using Act-On, Informz, Twilio, and HighRoad Solution in conjunction with Aptify. This session is a great place to compare your organization’s marketing to industry best practices. Be inspired by marketers who show the measurable impact your efforts can have on new memberships, renewals, and more!

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