Whether you’re into the How-To series, School-House Rock or product releases, Aptify has offered a plethora of quality webinars in 2016. With so many great webinars presented throughout the year this was a tough list to curate, but I’ve managed to cull it down to three.

Here are the three best Aptify webinars of 2016 – happy watching!

The Complete Beginners Guide to Aptify Accounting Setup

Everything you need to know about accounting set-up presented by our Delivery and Engagement Advisor: Nadine Curtis, FCPA, FCGA. 

Nadine also runs our Accounting Systems Review team; helping your association do an annual accounting health check. 

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The Complete Beginners Guide to Product Setup, Publications & Inventory

So yes, this is another Complete Beginners Guide, but I can’t help it if they rock! This product set-up guide for publications and inventory is hosted by Kevin Stock of the Catholic Health Association.

Cybersecurity: No More Easy Targets

Honestly, this webinar really scared me, but for all the right reasons. Our Innovation Lead, Josh Hiller, takes you through all the ways in which your association may be vulnerable and gives you the tools to fix it. A great watch for your IT team.

Josh also wrote our new eBook on Overhauling Password Behavior. Check it out for more information on how to protect your association.

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