The Tax Institute’s Story of Choosing Aptify as Its Membership Management System


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The Tax Institute

The Tax Institute is Australia’s leading professional association and educator in tax providing the best resources, professional development, and networks. With over 12,000 members, its mission is to educate and build expertise in tax and to raise the status of the tax profession.

What Qualities Make a Great Partner?

“One of things we were looking for in a new association management software was a partner. Someone we would work with really closely, that would get to know our business, why we are doing what we are doing and what we are trying to achieve, what our vision is. Someone who could come to us with ideas, whether it be ideas they have gleaned from other clients, but would come to us and say ‘have you thought about doing it this?’

“It’s a strong, long-term partnership model that we were really keen to find, and I think with the work done to date, we have achieved that. One of the most exciting things about Aptify and this project has been to walk into a room at the Tax Institute office and not know who is Tax Institute staff and who is Aptify staff.”

“Aptify’s product is so much more developed than the alternative. Aptify is a fantastic solution, particularly for an association that needed some work on systems, processes, best practices, and efficiencies.”

Noel Rowland, CEO, The Tax Institute

What Difference has Aptify Made to the Tax Institute?

“The Institute is starting to see the most unbelievable efficiencies and time savers. It used to take our team 15 minutes to complete an enrollment in our education program: it now takes our team less than five minutes. We take over 2,000 enrollments each year, so a saving of at least 10 minutes is huge and that is [just what we’ve seen in] the first few weeks of going live.”

Noel Rowland, CEO, The Tax Institute

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