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Association Trends 2020

From Disruption
to Opportunity

Check out the latest research study brought to you by the association tech leaders at Community Brands.

This year has been a wild ride, where do you go from here?

We know you are working harder than ever before. We’ve got your back with brand new insights on…

  • How associations have been responding to this year’s challenges
  • What trends have emerged with member preferences
  • And, what both association professionals and members think lies ahead

This report will help guide your association’s strategies and give you actionable takeaways to increase engagement and loyalty.

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Insight 1

Fueling Innovation

No surprise here, a focus on innovation is a key trend moving into 2021. With so much emphasis on digital engagement solutions for members, both members and association professionals supporting the catalyzation of innovation in 2021 and beyond.

Fueling innovation is most important to mid-careerists


Members and Association Professionals value fueling innovation at equal levels


Fueling innovation is key to member acquisition and retention. Associations must smartly invest dollars into membership management software that grow with you as technology changes and your needs evolve so you can fuel industry innovation.

Insight 2

Virtual Events

Are virtual events our new normal? This year, associations and members have been forced to quickly adapt to virtual-only interaction, and in many cases, it has created a greater level of engagement.


31 percent of late-careerists plan on engaging evenly with virtual and in-person

A slight majority of Members say they were already engaging virtually some or all of the time before the pandemic


While offline channels shouldn’t be completely underestimated in 2021, virtual events and virtual solutions are here to stay. Regardless of career stage, members are interested in attending virtual events more now than ever before.

Insight 3

Professional Community

Members look toward their organization for industry information, networking, credentialing and much more. Due to the impact of 2020, professional communities have risen in importance to members looking to engage with like-minded peers.


The majority of members look to associations for a professional community

African American Members are significantly more likely than White Members to have worked with a mentor and served as a mentor to others


Associations should implement or re-examine their existing their proprietary communities and social networking platforms. Community engagement enforces membership longevity and overall participation.

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