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Membership Management Made Simple

Easily leverage your data to attract, retain, and engage your members

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Membership software

One Source for All Your Data

Aptify's full CRM allows you to capture and track member and non-member information in a single database so you never lose vital data. Both high-level and targeted views of member information are simple to create and access, plus your staff can configure their display and data-entry formats on their own.

Membership software

Data You Need, Right When You Need It

Dashboards and analytics give you quick access to your entire membership. Data is updated in real-time and dashboards are personalized to you, so the information you use the most is up-to-date and at your fingertips, from analytics reports to daily task lists.

Member engagement

Dependable Data to Drive Decisions

Track member engagement, analyze your program offerings, and identify member needs with data you can easily access and rely on.

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Learn how one association can now identify its most active (and inactive) members using Aptify's Scoring Model. See How They Did It