Aptify 7.1 Release 

We’re excited to bring you the latest product enhancements, bug fixes, features and much more.

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Here’s what’s new with Aptify!

Who doesn’t love an upgrade? Aptify 7.1 builds off the updated 7.0, which offers a serverless deployment model using Azure PaaS. This cloud-native architecture provides for more data security, more governance enhancements, and more scalability. Just imagine your member-based organization operating at its peak performance level.

Release 7.1 is full of user efficiencies, improved process workflows, and less clicks. In 7.0 we brought you the powerful Azure serverless architecture, and we continue to build on platform 7 to offer seamless upgrades, more data security, more governance enhancements, and more scalability. Just imagine your member-based organization operating at its peak performance level.

Some of the new features include: 

  • Company Directory workflow
  • Company Directory editing efficiencies
  • New Multi-Select Form Component for Aptify Web
  • List View efficiencies, such as drag and drop and adjusting the orders of multiple fields at once
  • Retaining your view layout throughout the system, which eliminates the need to edit your layout setting each time you visit a new page
  • Cloning subtype records to reduce time and increase accuracy
  • Deferred GL Account Validation to alert users when they try to save a product that is missing a Deferred GL, preventing financial data errors
  • View Filter enhancements that now support drag and drop, as well as view/edit filter logic capabilities to make view filter creation easier
  • Active Directory implementation as a trusted user in Aptify Web and SmartClient Application
  • Enabling naming for an Aptify database 

And, you asked – we heard you!

  • The enhancement to the Configuration Migration Tool now enables developers to see what configuration changes were made between certain time frames and by the logged-in developer.
  • Bluepay Reconciliation Improvements
  • Security Improvements (Jquery, Bootstrap libraries upgrade)
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Learn more about upgrading today!

Visit our customer resource page for more information and to contact your Customer Account Manager, Shayna Brooks, to learn more about how your organization can start benefitting from our new Aptify 7 platform.

What’s inside the Aptify 7 platform release?

Watch our video below to see what’s inside Aptify 7.

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Past Releases

Click the buttons below to jump to each release’s section on this page. Watch helpful videos and learn what’s new inside Aptify.

What’s inside the 6.4 Release?

Aptify 6.4 Release Overview

The Aptify 6.4 release contains great new features, including ebusiness company admin event registration management and membership management. We also fully documented Azure/AWS Load Balancing for Aptify Web and e-Business. We also updated our new logging framework to incorporate feedback from our developer roundtable community.

Enjoy the release announcement video for an overview of some of these new items and read through the full release notes to see everything that is included in the new Aptify 6.4 release!

What’s inside the 6.3 Release?

Aptify 6.3 Release Overview

The Aptify 6.3 release contains great new features, including context-based help, global views, a brand-new login experience as well as complete functionality for our fundraising module in Aptify web. The 6.3 release also has over 35 bug fixes and enhancements including performance improvements when saving records and when using the bulk order wizard.

Aptify 6.3 full release notes

What’s inside the 6.2 Release?

Aptify Web Hotkeys

Aptify Web Hotkeys enable the use of simple keyboard shortcuts to generate new records, engage wizards, start repeated processes, and more. The deployment of Aptify hotkeys can be hugely impactful for staff and can greatly improve productivity and efficiency.  Staff users will be able to quickly pull up new Companies, Orders, Payments, Contact Logs etc, With simple keystrokes instead of multiple clicks. 

Freestone LMS Integration

This release includes a new integration between Aptify and Freestone, a popular Community Brands Learning Management System. Freestone helps Aptify customers take their events from in-person to online. It also drives traffic to your website, convering visitors to members. In this integration, we enables users to effectively schedule a meeting in Aptify for registration in e-Business and have that record duplicated in Freestone for further processing and tracking. This creates a huge increase in efficiency by eliminating the need to duplicate effort in multiple systems, ensuring more accurate data entry by copying data from one system to another.

Crowd Wisdom LMS Integration

Provide a personalized, social, and engaging online learning experience with Crowd Wisdom, a powerful learning management system by Community Brands. Similar to the Freestone integration, Aptify’s integration with Crowd Wisdom creates efficiencies for users, allowing them to effectively schedule a meeting in Aptify for registration in e-Business and duplicate the record in the LMS for further processing and tracking. This creates a huge increase in efficiency by eliminating the need to duplicate effort in multiple systems and ensuring more accurate data entry by copying data from one system to another

One Drive Integration

Aptify One Drive Integration enables users to download files from One Drive to any Aptify Web record that has attachments.  This effectively enables users to pull data from a cloud-based solution and link it to Aptify web, thus saving storage and eliminating confusing linkage.  Users can also “attach” a one drive document to an outgoing Aptify message.  This substantially expands a user’s available resources to link to a message rather than relying on a physical copy from their computer or stored on Aptify.  

Quick Base View Generator

The new Quick Base view generator is a wizard that enables admin users to quickly create new base views with only a few clicks.   You can choose the top-level entity you want to start with and then select from any subtype for that entity or any related entities from specific fields on the top-level entity.  You can choose between the default in view fields or all fields from both entities.  You can also create multiple base views at the same time with the new wizard.   

Aptify 6.2 full release notes.

What’s inside the 6.1 Release?

CardConnect Integration Updates

With our new integration with CardConnect’s hosted payment pages, Aptify now enables our customers to shrink their PCI footprint and offload payments activity directly to their payment providers infrastructure. In addition, the new IP Address Tracking and Fraud tools enable the ability to pass the customers IP address to CardConnect. With this feature enabled you can then use CardConnect’s IP based Fraud Tools when processing payments. 

User Interface Enhancements

This release includes some great user interface updates. Enhancements include new pagination controls for list views, enabling faster navigation between pages and between first and last pages. In addition, we have also added additional information when viewing attachments in Aptify, including the author and last modified date. 

Aptify Web Improvements

Using customer feedback we continue to make improvements to our Aptify Web product. This release includes improvements to how topic codes can be displayed so customers can easily understand the structure and selected items, we also added the ability to update kit product order lines in an order. Finally, we added summary views to our chart views so customers can easily see a spreadsheet breakdown of the individual segments of the chart. 

View Enhancements

The Aptify viewing system is one of the most powerful aspects of the software, and in 6.1, we have added some exciting features to that experience.  With the addition of view statistics, we now give valuable insight into who and how often views are run, as well as the ability to change ownershipPrompt views have been optimized to enable staff to get to data much faster. Views now also retain their state when you navigate back to them! In addition, you now have the ability to link from fields in a view to records in other entities!   

Aptify 6.1 full release notes.

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