Aptify 6.1 Release

We are excited to announce Aptify 6.1! This release comes with a variety of valuable new features, updates and integrations, as well as performance enhancements and bug fixes. Below, we’ve created informative videos that showcase some of the new integration updates and features we have added as part of the 6.1 release.

Also, please review the full Aptify 6.1 release notes for a complete list of everything included in the 6.1 release.

Aptify 2020 Release Schedule

There are two planned releases for 2020. This release, Aptify 6.1, and 6.2 coming later this year in October.

BluePay Integration Updates

With our new integration with BluePay’s hosted payment pages, Aptify now enables our customers to shrink their PCI footprint and offload payments activity directly to their payment providers infrastructure. In addition, the new IP Address Tracking and Fraud tools enable the ability to pass the customers IP address to Bluepay. With this feature enabled you can then use BluePay’s IP based Fraud Tools when processing payments. 

User Interface Enhancements

This release includes some great user interface updates. Enhancements include new pagination controls for list views, enabling faster navigation between pages and between first and last pages. In addition, we have also added additional information when viewing attachments in Aptify, including the author and last modified date. 

Aptify Web Improvements

Using customer feedback we continue to make improvements to our Aptify Web product. This release includes improvements to how topic codes can be displayed so customers can easily understand the structure and selected items, we also added the ability to update kit product order lines in an order. Finally, we added summary views to our chart views so customers can easily see a spreadsheet breakdown of the individual segments of the chart. 

View Enhancements

The Aptify viewing system is one of the most powerful aspects of the software, and in 6.1, we have added some exciting features to that experience.  With the addition of view statistics, we now give valuable insight into who and how often views are run, as well as the ability to change ownershipPrompt views have been optimized to enable staff to get to data much faster. Views now also retain their state when you navigate back to them! In addition, you now have the ability to link from fields in a view to records in other entities!   

For a full list of everything included in the Aptify 6.1 release, please feel free to review the Aptify 6.1 full release notes.