Association Cybersecurity Protection

Identify Your Threats. Protect Your Mission. Safeguard Your Members.

Empower your team & mitigate the risk

Our Cybersecurity Threat Assessment was established with one purpose, to work with you to guard your association’s cybersecurity. Ensure your members and their data are not easy targets for hackers. 

The Threat Assessment Process

Cybersecurity Threat Assessments are performed remotely, are non-invasive, and require little-to-no interaction with your association staff until the assessment is completed.

Our security researchers scan your digital ecosystem for:

  • Exposed services
  • Potential exploits & vulnerabilities
  • Public records & online footprint exposure
  • Security certificate errors
  • Server configuration issues

Results are tabulated in a detailed report, with easy-to-read scoring for each potential threat. This report enables your team to address identified vulnerabilities and mitigate them efficiently. Your Cybersecurity Threat Assessment also includes a 60-minute consultation with our security experts to outline any large risks to your members.

Stop your association from becoming an easy target

As you design and maintain your association infrastructure, your digital security has to be a top priority. A data breach can result in significant financial losses and erode member trust. The good news is it’s possible to protect your association and staff against this tech threat.

In order to maintain your association’s focus on its core purpose, you need a strong partner with the necessary expertise to assist you in protecting your most valuable asset, your members’ trust.

Our team of security researchers will perform a Cybersecurity Threat Assessment for your association that can quickly identify potential vulnerabilities. The results are reported back to you in easy-to-read detail so you can mitigate issues before they are used against you and your members.


Measure. Analyze. Grow.

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