Community Brands Payment Services

We make credit card processing easy, safe, and affordable for member-driven organizations and non-profits.

Embedded into your AMS, our payments gateway is protected by the toughest industry-leading security standards so you can be rest assured your payments are protected. By working with a single provider, you’ll receive a cohesive and convenient experience.

Based on the way you work

Enjoy unlimited 24/7 access to transaction data within your association management system (AMS), allowing you real-time visibility into powerful dashboards, robust reporting, or detailed transaction data. Save time with custom order IDs and the ability to void transactions, issue refunds, and reverse authorizations from within a single system.

Rock-solid security

Community Brands Payment Services meets the industry’s toughest data standards, providing you and your members the highest level of protection. Our highly secure vault encrypts sensitive information and offers fraud detection screening with device and IP address location.

Straightforward pricing

Confused by different rates and fees on your bill? Our blended, SimpleRate makes it easy to understand your transaction costs. With no additional processing fees, monthly minimums, or hidden costs, you can effectively predict costs without any surprises.

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