Solutions That Simply Work

Easily leverage your data to attract, retain, and engage members.

From start to success, Aptify’s membership management services are with you every step of the way


The foundation of a successful implementation, discovery establishes clear and realistic expectations for all involved. During the discovery process, Aptify works with your association to determine the following:

  • Exactly what will be implemented
  • Who is responsible for what on both your team and ours
  • The project timeline
  • Priorities for potential future phases of work

At Aptify, helping clients install, customize, and leverage our membership software is our core competency. We set you up with a seasoned global delivery team dedicated exclusively to your implementation. The team leads you through a disciplined step-by-step process we refer to as the Aptify Implementation Model (AIM).




Aptify Training is sure to suit all users at every stage of their Aptify experience, from end users to developers. Want something more tailored? Leverage a personally crafted training agenda to engage and educate your staff in its own working environment.

Business Process Design

During the Business Process Review, the Aptify team will consult with you to ensure that the business processes to be managed are the best fit for your organization. We also want to make sure you take full advantage of the best practices we’ve utilized over the past two decades.

Features to help your organization succeed.

Central access point to member data

Capture and track member and financial information in a single database—or easily integrate Aptify with your favorite third parties—so you never lose vital data.

Reliable reporting

Create the views and reports you need to drive your organization forward. Tell the story you want to tell, the way you want to tell it, with the tools you need.


Seamless searching

Easily manage members when you can find what you need by searching across the entire database.

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