Aptify Training Offerings

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Aptify training provides a wide variety of training options for Aptify users of all backgrounds and skill levels. Training is conducted either in our Chicago or Tysons Corner, Va., or at your location if you have a training room available and register four or more students.

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New User Training

Designed for clients or employees who are just joining your team, taking on a new role, or in need of refresher training.

Our New User training introduces key Aptify concepts for different Aptify user roles.

End User

This 3-day course takes students through a hands-on tour of the standard product configuration with emphasis on basic tools, navigation, creating views, and creating/managing records. Students will gain experience navigating, exploring, and understanding base Aptify while participating in exercises, labs, and exams.


This 2-day course is designed for students who will function as Aptify administrators or developers. Students explore the topics of Licensing, Security, Object Repository, and Bulk Messaging in hands-on, real-world scenarios. Students will participate in exercises, labs, and exams as reinforcement. This class should be taken by users designated by the client to be Power Users and for DBAs and Developers.


Accounting is at the core of all transactional databases and Aptify’s Accounting class explains the best practices for setup, deployment, and maintenance this critical part of any client’s business.  Students learn about general ledger accounts, configuring Aptify products, handling deferred revenue, processing payments and refunds, and understanding reconciliation and batching, This hands-on class is designed to not only provide step-by-step instructions but to communicate best practices in leveraging Aptify financial processes to work for you.

Developer I

This three-day course provides an overview of the basic developer features of Aptify 5.x. The course is designed for individuals who will develop for an Aptify installation and builds on the material from the Aptify Administrator Training class, which is a pre-requisite. Developer I introduces students to the flexibility and configuration capabilities of Aptify.

Developer II

Developer II course covers advanced topics focused on using the core Aptify Framework and.NET to build business process and user interface components.

Web Developer

Web Developer introduces students to the exciting world of Aptify Web Development.  Students explore hands on the foundation features of Web, covering topics such as metadata generation, quick search configuration, auto linking, form template creation and layout controls, entity plugins, form components, metadata wizard enhancement, and how to leverage the configuration migration tool.  This is the course to make Web mobility work for you.

e-Business I (Administrator)

This course provides an introduction to Aptify’s e-Business Suite and teaches students to manage and maintain an e-Business website. This includes an in-depth analysis of the functionality included in the e-Business toolset, using the Sitefinity CMS system to make changes in the website and the e-Business Application in Aptify. Students will gain hands-on experience developing for a sample system in a controlled training environment.

e-Business II (Developer)

This course provides an in-depth examination of Aptify’s e-Business Suite and teaches students to develop new functionality for an e-Business website. This includes creating new web pages, user controls, and linking Aptify with the website so that database information appears on-line and can be updated over the Internet. Students will gain hands-on experience developing for a sample system in a controlled training environment.

IT Starter

This one-day class is designed only for existing clients that undergo personnel changes specifically to Administrator and IT level roles within Aptify.  This class is an accelerated primer of those users for immediate use of the Aptify system and to prepare IT professionals to be enabled to successfully participate in the Developer level classes that follow both End User and Administrator.

Implementation Training

For clients going through initial implementation, Aptify requires representatives take End User, Administrator, Accounting, and Developer I (See Descriptions for both Accounting and Developer above under New User section).

Clients using Aptify e-Business should also take e-Business I (Admin) and e-Business II (Developer). Both Developer II and Web Developer are also strongly recommended for clients that will be maintaining and creating advanced configurations beyond their Go-Live date—users can view the description, registration, and agenda information under the New User Training section above.

Aptify also offers two distinct services to aid clients in the final push to implement Aptify: Views and Dashboards Build and Go-Live training. The Views & Dashboards service is designed to enable seamless adoption of the two major components that drive successful Aptify adoption: Views and Dashboards. The second, Go-Live Training, enables End Users to understand how they, in their specific role should use Aptify day-to-day and provides them the training to do so.

Aptify’s optional, 2-Day UAT Training class takes users through a review session of the Aptify features they will need to address during User Acceptance Testing as well as an overview of the methodology used to conduct UAT.  This class may be instructed by the clients Business Analysts, by Aptify Training, or by some combination of the two depending on client needs.

Add-On Module Training

Aptify offers brief, half-day classes on several of our Add-On modules. Note that because each class is only ½ day, many organizations prefer to use our e-Learning modules on these topics. These classes may also be held virtually if more than four students enroll.

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