Aptify Mobile App

The Aptify Mobile App combines the performance and innovation of Aptify in a streamlined, contemporary mobile interface.

Software that Puts You in Control

With the Aptify Mobile App you’ll have quick mobile access to the information you need, right when you need it.

Global Search

Work efficiently and without frustration by finding and opening the records you need directly from the search bar

It's free

What more could you want? The Aptify Mobile App is free for all Aptify users

Mobile App for Mobile Work

Work directly from your phone, and never lose contact with your members or your team

Reach out

Call, email and make notes with the touch of a button.



Capture, create and edit your member records in real-time


Keep an eye on your events & education dashboards and stay in the loop with the newest updates.


Connect quickly

Instantly connect to all your Aptify data.

Clean interface

Built with mobile in mind, Aptify have tidied navigation and records so you can have a 360° view your members without interruption.

Navigate with speed

With the native app you can navigate to all your member data in record time.


Get the data you need with snapshots of the most important member data.


Open mobile friendly views for on-go-reporting.

Summary dashboards

Focus in on the data you need most. Summary dashboards allow you to interpret important data at a glance.

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