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Which AMS Platform is Right for You? CRM-Built vs. Flexible Solutions

Hosted by:
Teri Carden, Founder, ReviewMyAMS
Johanna Snider, VP of Enterprise Sales, Community Brands

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With so many membership management solutions for associations today, you may be asking what the right fit would be for your organization. In this webinar, you’ll discover the differences between member management solutions built on top of an existing CRM like Salesforce or Microsoft CRM, versus solutions that offer a flexible, configurable infrastructure, allowing organizations complete control of their AMS build.  

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What to expect: 

In this  Q&A-style webinar format hosted by ReviewMyAMS, the Aptify team will share their expertise to help organizations shopping for a new member management software and navigate the different types of solutions on the market today.  

During the webinar, we cover:

  • Differences between a CRM-built solution and a flexible/configurable platform
  • Why one solution may be a better fit for your organization than the other
  • API tools and integrations with flexible platforms
  • Pricing differences and benefits for each solution
  • And more! 

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