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Robert Kihm

Chief Software Architect


About Robert Kihm

I am the chief architect for Aptify’s Technology Platform and Business Applications and the leader of Aptify’s Innovation Labs. I work daily with team members and customers to evolve Aptify’s products and services. I’ve always been passionate about software and technology. Nothing thrills me more than seeing software that I wrote being used in the real world, often in ways that I never thought it would be used. For more than ten years at Aptify, I’ve been in the enviable position of experiencing these thrills on a daily basis with the products and configurations built by Aptify team members and our customers. As part of Innovation Labs, I work with others on the latest technologies and paradigms, looking for ways to build better software for associations. We try, we fail, we learn, and we succeed. Our successes become part of Aptify through collaboration with Aptify’s Research and Development team.

Prior to Aptify, I developed software in the insurance, banking, and retail industries. While in Toronto, I cofounded a company that developed one of the first Windows Point of Sale systems and was part of a team that developed an award-winning Point of Sale application. Today, I live in Sacramento, California, with my wife, daughter, and son, where we enjoy building things, playing games, and participating in our community.

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