Membership management software for large associations

Aptify is membership management software built on a developer-friendly membership platform, ideal for organizations that seek modern, configurable technology with a guaranteed upgrade path.

Built on a scalable, flexible technology platform

Designed to handle complex membership database systems and dues structures

Ideal for organizations that seek control over system development and upgrades

American Dental Association | Customer Testimonial

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Developer focus

  • Highly configurable system built on a Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform
  • Plugin-based architecture, app containers, and open documentation make it easier for developers to build applications for your organization’s specific needs
  • Upgrade, add modules, and stay on the cutting edge without needing to re-build the core system

Modern technology

  • Friendly, “mobile-first” look and feel, with web-based interfaces for staff and members
  • Even non-technical staff can run reports, create dashboards, and manage member data
  • Drag-and-drop process automation tools and centralized member data make it easy to save staff time and deliver a better member experience

Enterprise approach

  • 21 out-of-the-box applications in one system to meet the entire organization’s needs
  • Continually evolving solution keeps pace with modern technology and the member-based industry, so it grows with you
  • Deep expertise in multi-lingual set-up as well as implementation of global currency, taxes, and merchant accounts for international organizations

Aptify – Cutting-edge membership management technology

Aptify’s rapid application development membership platform allows your system to remain as-is, while configurations allow it to adapt to your changing requirements and keep you on a guaranteed upgrade path.

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