New! Aptify Zoom Integration

Streamline setup and engage your members with Aptify + Zoom.

Get started today!

How does the integration work?

1. When a product is created on Aptify, a webinar is automatically created on Zoom.

2. When a Registration Order is placed on Aptify, registration automatically happens on Zoom.

3. When a Webinar finishes, Attended/No-Show is brought back into Aptify.

What are the benefits?


Save Staff Time

No more importing registrant and attendee data from one system to another. Data automatically syncs between Zoom and Aptify.

Deeper Reporting

Get deeper insights with streamlined reporting. Retire disparate data sources, and populate webinar metrics directly on the member record.

Targeted Webinars

Deliver personalized, targeted webinars based on member’s interests. Consistently deliver them the content they desire based on Zoom attendee data.

More Value to Members

Create a better user experience for members. One-stop-shop for registration, along with deeper personalized experiences.

Want more cool stuff?

Visit the Aptify Marketplace for additional information on add-ons, training, and services.

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