Membership Software for Labor Unions 

Connecting members and union leaders like never before. With union management software that’s both intuitive and mobile, you can easily work in the system without working on it. Capture data, plan campaigns, and run reports from anywhere, at any time.

Member database software designed for labor unions to save time and increase efficiency

You don’t have to be an IT wizard to run accurate reports, create reliable views, or manage member contact info. From local volunteers to National leadership, everyone stays in control of the data to make informed decisions

Streamlined processes

From local access and dues processing to grievance management and organizing, our 21 out-of-the-box applications work with one another seamlessly, so your staff can too.

Accurate & reliable data

Capture and track member and financial information in a single database—or easily integrate Aptify with your favorite third parties—so you never lose vital data.

Mobile responsive

Find and organize your members from the office or the field. With the Aptify Mobile App, you’ll have quick mobile access to the information and analytics you need, right when you need it.

Case Study: See How Aptify Helped ALPA

The Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), recognized the need to fundamentally change its approach by abandoning a traditional ERP for Aptify.

Seriously Loved by Union Leaders.

“I would highly recommend Aptify to other unions or organizations, the flexibility of the platform to effectively perform the features and functions a union needs, that are not your standard AMS features, that’s just wonderful.

Lee Norstern, IT Manager, Air Line Pilots Association, International

Essential Labor Union Tools in Your Membership Database

Take control of your membership database with Aptify

Enhance convenience, connectivity, communication, and collaboration. You can do all this and more with the power of innovative union membership software designed for your applications.

When choosing the right union management software, labor unions often have specific needs they must fill. The right option can streamline operations for union membership, efficiently coordinating communication between officers and members. With cohesive systems and union software, each organization can ensure their collective voice has more impact as they work together with optimized efficiency.

Accounting & dues processing

Manage dues, orders, invoices, products, packages, and general ledgers. All data is exportable to any major third-party accounting software package. Built strategically for large unions’ needs, our accounting and dues processing features offer diverse capabilities to improve your organization’s financial health and simplify management processes. Our solutions can save you time and expenses with innovative functions to handle your financial data and procedures while ensuring processing accuracy.

Local / affiliate management

Track an unlimited number of locals while handling both the internal requirements for tracking locals and components as well as web self-service needs of affiliate officers and members. With the advanced capabilities of our flexible and customizable solutions, you can manage diverse requirements seamlessly. Whether you need to provide self-service capabilities to members, track crucial data for your organization or handle other local and affiliate management needs, you can do it all with one efficient union database.


Grievance management

Track the entire cycle of grievance receipt through resolution in an integrated, workflow-oriented environment. You can efficiently manage communications, reporting and other crucial functions while maintaining a high level of accuracy and accountability. Whether it’s an issue that requires informal action or a more detailed investigation, keep the process moving and follow its progress with union grievance software.t.

Event & convention management

Manage the full lifecycle of large and small events through the software, including planning, logistics, marketing, budgeting, and registration. Whatever type of event you’re putting together, you can ensure the finances, communications and plans align with the help of our labor union software. You can track activities and progress, keep records on budgeting and handle registering guests from the platform. Make event planning more efficient and streamlined with specialized tools for your needs. 

Highly configurable, upgradeable

Receive the convenience of an out-of-the-box application with the ability to configure to fit your specific needs. If you have unique configurations or integration requirements, you can create exactly what you need. Whatever your requirements, our software allows you to configure the application to better deliver what your users require. As your association grows, you can upgrade your applications to keep up with changing trends and requirements.


Reliable reporting

Easily create views and reports to gain the specific insights you need to drive your organization forward. Having access to in-depth data on everything from your membership base to your organization’s financial health is invaluable for growing and moving forward. With the tools to easily create and access detailed reports on your union’s activities, affiliates, events and other essential parts of your operations, you can ensure more effective management.

Membership management software for unions needs to offer flexibility, customization and accessibility for administrators and members. When you’re looking for the best union grievance software for your association, you want security and cohesive management throughout your organization. As your union grows, you need the flexibility to adjust and expand while maintaining data integrity and accurate reporting. Having effective systems in place can help you deepen your member engagement while more effectively pursuing your organizational objectives.

When you need trusted union membership software, Aptify can help. Our union software offerings have a specialized design to fit your unique requirements. From a user-friendly interface to member management features and grievance tracking options, we deliver solutions that can move your union organization forward. Let us partner with you to build the capabilities you need to serve your members and optimize your union’s effectiveness.

“I would highly recommend Aptify to other unions or organizations, the flexibility of the platform to effectively perform the features and functions a union needs, that are not your standard AMS features, that’s just wonderful.

Lee Norstern, IT Manager, Air Line Pilots Association, International

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