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Johanna Kasper

Director of Engagement


About Johanna

I lead the Sales team at Aptify, which helps prospective clients navigate the AMS selection process to determine if Aptify is the best fit. I’m passionate about helping associations improve processes and drive disruption and change within their organizations. Just because business has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it’s best for your business and your bottom line! 

Prior to focusing on new clients, I worked in Aptify’s Consulting team helping with software implementations and projects. My favorite part of the job was finding those breakthrough process changes that freed up our clients to focus on what’s really important – driving their mission and member engagement.

Prior to my life at Aptify, I earned my MBA from Tulane University with a concentration in finance.  Before graduate school I worked in marketing and business development for several large, global law firms.  I have a BA from Tulane University as well, and am constantly homesick for New Orleans and its food. When not talking associations and membership, I love traveling, working up a sweat in spin class, and visiting my large family along the East Coast.

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