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Jill Beasley

Consulting Practice Director


About Jill

I oversee consulting operations, including onboarding, project staffing, engagement support, department processes, and the Client Success team, which serves our existing Aptify client base. The greatest thing about my job is working with and developing a team of professionals who are committed to each other, to our clients, and to Aptify's Core Values: Flexible, Accountable, Innovative and Responsive—and we like to have fun doing it!

Before joining Aptify, I spent eighteen years at a high-tech trade association as the VP of IT Operations. My experience there heightened my passion for leveraging technology in practical and strategic ways to help associations accomplish their mission.

When not engaging with Aptify team members and clients, I spend my time hiking, boogie-boarding, playing volleyball, reading, sewing, and hanging out with family. For well over ten years, I've been a crew team leader on a cancer walk, and I slip in a little Dr. Who now and again to keep things interesting.

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