Ok. So I’m not going to weigh you down with a heavy tutorial on how to use video for your next product launch. That’s just stressful. Let’s leave that to the video pros for the moment.

I do want to show you some of the behind the scenes videos I took on my iPhone 7 Plus as we shot our new product video. And, in true inbound marketing fashion, I’m delivering this content to you in a blog article that allows me to share content and maybe make you laugh.Aptify Behind the Scenes Video Shoot

It’s sorta meta doing a blog post about videos of a video but I think you’ll enjoy it anyway!

Disclaimer: All actors are Aptify employees and no animals were harmed in the production of this video.

Let’s start with the finished video first to give you a sense for how it all turned out.

Behind the scenes, it was very different with lots of takes, patience, and some good laughs.

Here’s producer Paul Gannon prepping and coaching the team (all of whom were video newbies)…

In this video, Julia Lang, our Director of Culture & People, happily delivers lines with a little coaching…

Here’s Posido Vega, our IT guru, working “conspiratorially” on his line about our new e-commerce module…he’s a bit of a ham…

And again, Posido delivering one line multiple times to get it just right!

Key Takeaway

As you can see, a lot of work went into the finished video and we couldn’t have done it without video pros like Paul Gannon and Frank Gannon with Thoughtcast Media. The key takeaway for me from the day-long video shoot is this—leave the super-important videos to the pros but don’t be afraid to try this yourself if you have the right equipment, the willingness, and the time! And don’t be afraid to show the behind the scenes gaffes and prep. It makes it all the more real for your members!

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