Association Management Software

Membership software that’s intuitive, modern and easy to use.

A Full Family of Applications

Aptify is devoted to serving member-based organizations. We take an enterprise-focused approach, offering 21 out-of-the-box applications. Our robust menu of applications for our association membership software is designed to enhance convenience, connectivity, communication, and collaboration for your organization and your membership.

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A Flexible Solution with a Guaranteed Upgrade Path

The Aptify product is built on a flexible platform, so it can be configured to meet your exact needs. Aptify’s platform allows our membership management system to stay as-is, while configurations allow the system to adapt to changing requirements. This keeps all our customers on a guaranteed upgrade path.

Uniquely designed. Intuitive. Mobile-Friendly.

Through a fully browser-based and updated interface, you’ll have quick access to the information you need, right when you need it.

Enhance convenience, connectivity, communication, and collaboration.

Intuitive technology to support today’s processes. 

Intuitive technology to support today’s processes, coupled with the flexibility to adapt to change in the future.

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For IT Professionals

You’re seeking technology that brings accurate data to all areas of your association and can support modern processes now and in the future.


Database management


For Membership

You’re looking for a single source of member data that you can leverage to attract, maintain, and grow a thriving membership.


Membership software


For Executives

You’re seeking a robust system that can provide benchmark data to measure opportunity and grow with your association’s changing needs.


For Finance

You’re looking for a cost-effective solution to manage the data you need to make actionable insights for your organization.



For The End User

You’re looking for an intuitive system that can be tailored to your work processes, allowing you to easily pull and analyze data.

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The true key to success is the right partner. With Aptify’s open API, we can integrate—and partner—with some really cool software and people. 

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I don't think of Aptify as a technology provider. I think of Aptify as a partner, helping me get my organization's work done. If you have that kind of a relationship, it feels a little different. It really does feel like a partnership."

Reggie Henry

Chief Information Officer , American Society of Association Executives

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