Getting the Most out of Implementation

Whoever said, “change is good” probably wasn’t worried about implementing complex enterprise software. Let’s face it: implementing an association management system is not something you do every day. Ultimately, the new software will make a huge positive change for your association and its members and employees. But getting to that point involves organizational change, staff training, and, of course, installing and configuring the software. At Aptify, helping clients install, customize and leverage our association software is our core competency. With our association management services, we set you up with a seasoned global delivery team dedicated exclusively to your implementation. The team leads you through a disciplined step-by-step process we refer to as the Aptify Implementation Model (AIM).


The foundation of a successful project, discovery establishes clear and realistic expectations for all involved. During the discovery process, Aptify works with your association to determine the following:

  • Exactly what will be implemented
  • Who is responsible for what on your team and on ours
  • The timeline for the project
  • Priorities for potential future phases of work that are not part of the initial effort

Project Management

Aptify project managers work with your team to ensure your project runs smoothly and is successfully completed, on time and on budget. Using a collaborative and rigorous approach, our PMs make sure effective communication, project focus, and appropriate controls are maintained throughout the implementation process.

Business Process Review

As implementation progresses, many organizations find themselves in a situation in which current processes are no longer best practices. During the Business Process Review, the Aptify team will consult with you to ensure that the business processes to be managed are the best fit for your organization. We also want to make sure you take full advantage of the best practices available within our association management system.

Data Conversion

Most association management software implementations involve converting business information from one or more legacy environments. Aptify has performed conversions from many commercial software packages and custom systems, frequently collaborating with client team members. Our emphasis is on data quality, reduction of duplicate data, and improving accuracy of validation.


One of the Aptify platform’s greatest strengths is its ability to accommodate unique requirements without customization. When configuration needs arise, our clients have the option of addressing them internally or requesting assistance from our professional services team. Aptify's team members can—and have—produced cost-effective configurations under the most challenging time constraints. The Aptify Global Delivery Model allows us to leverage staff across several time zones to reduce cost and accelerate delivery.


Aptify's service-oriented system architecture makes it possible to integrate nearly any type of technology system. Some of the most common integration points include collaboration tools, email, financial systems, and content management systems. Your Aptify team can assist with these types of integration as well as any other requirements you may have.

Quality Assurance

The Aptify Implementation Model focuses on QA at every stage of implementation, with regular quality review checkpoints involving both the client and the Aptify team. We work under rigorous quality metrics throughout our engagement to deliver the best possible final product.

User Training

Aptify's product is intuitive and user-friendly—designed to reflect popular web and desktop applications. Still, before going live, formal training is essential for anyone who will regularly use the system. One of our association management solutions includes user training. With Aptify training, your association reaps the full benefit of your new association management software, allowing your staff to establish a high level of comfort to working in the system productively. Investing time and resources into training, both initially and over time, will allow you to fully leverage the power of your solution.