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Scoring Member Engagement

Scoring Member Engagement: What Engagement Really Means and How to Measure It, written by Aptify's CEO Amith Nagarajan, is a comprehensive eBook for implementing a Composite Engagement Score™ or CES™ in your association. CES is a flexible and complete method that quantifies member engagement with a single measurement. This approach simplifies the analysis of member engagement and more importantly aligns your measurement with your association's
strategic plan

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Rockefeller Habits For Associations

The Rockefeller Habits hinge on the idea that everyone in the organization is working toward a greater goal. When that big-picture goal becomes the achievable standard for each and every team member, people are happier, work gets done, and the goal gets accomplished, all while advancing your association’s mission.

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Association Mavens Roundup: 2013

Join Aptify in the 2013 Association Mavens Roundup eBook, where we’ll uncover the many trials, challenges, opportunities, and successes faced by some of the industry’s foremost thinkers and teachers over this past year. You’ll get an in-depth look at how association leaders are evolving old methods and procedures by adopting new-age technologies and innovations

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The Future Of The Association Management System

What is the future of the AMS? We hosted an informal conversation with key players from throughout the industry to find out just that. Our participants were Don Dea, cofounder of Fusion Productions; Reggie Henry, Chief Information Officer at ASAE; Dave Laatz, founding partner of Information Systems Consulting Group; Amith Nagarajan, Chairman and CEO of Aptify; Joanne Rang, owner of Information Technology Advisory Group; and Wes Trochlil, Founder and President of Effective Database Management.

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Association Mavens Roundup: 2012

My goal was to connect with the association world’s foremost thinkers and teachers and then share what I found out with the greater community. Six months and 13 Mavens later, the Association Mavens site has covered a wide range of topics and trends, from author Mary Byers’ interview on how the industry is radically changing to a discussion with Wes Trochlil on AMS implementation to consultant Jeff Hurt’s pointers on captivating a conference audience.

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