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Membership Software to Get the Job Done

You should be working in your membership system, not on it

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Effortless Navigation

An intuitive design takes the work out of working in the system. With the introduction of smart icons and a progress bar, advanced wizards act as your personal companion, guiding you seamlessly through your important tasks.


Reliable Reporting

Create the views and reports you need (without going to IT) to drive your organization forward through advanced reporting capabilities. Tell the story you want, how you want, with the tools you want.


Find What You Need, When You Need It

A simple design highlights the search bar, where you can search across your entire database for a person, a company, or a specific view. General searches render results that span multiple fields. While focused searches provide you the specific information you need right away.

Your data has a message from your members. Discover the advantages of big data, how to use it effectively, and what it will and won't do for your organization.

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