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The Future of
Association Management

And How Smart Associations Will Adapt

Imagine you discovered a time machine and jumped to the year 2019.

While two years doesn't seem that far away, the changes to the association industry have changed the game. From technology to strategy, the world has evolved in the last few years and some very smart associations have evolved just as quickly.

How did they keep up and provide the best value to their members?

What steps did they take to ensure they were prepared for such a future?

What technology did they use to support their growth?

This page is your association time machine.

Keep scrolling to glimpse the future of associations and how you can prepare for what's to come...

3 Things Successful Associations Prioritize Now for Long-Term Success

How fortunate for these associations that Aptify already began focusing on providing our clients the strategy, the tools, and the execution support to realize a dramatically better future.



Successful associations know that a defined industry-forward strategy is what keeps the association community thriving. Aptify remains devoted to the association industry and is structured for long-term growth and success.

Aptify is also a member of the Association Success Family of Companies. Each of these organizations were born out of a fusion of experience, insights, and relationships built around the specific needs of associations, along with the individual company’s unique knowledge within its respective field. Together, the Association Success Family of Companies provides associations with the expertise to implement industry best practices to maintain a growing, thriving association.



Introducing the Aptify App Store

Successful associations no longer have to choose between full AMS systems but can now purchase Aptify applications independently, plugging them into what they already have in ways that serve them best.

The suite of Aptify apps lives in the Aptify Marketplace, a cloud-based app store. They use the Aptify Marketplace as a flexible and open platform that allows them to select just the applications they need for their business—from Aptify and from other providers—and easily connect them to any other cloud-based applications.



Pairing Association Management Software with Expertise

Successful associations know technology and strategic guidance are irrelevant if the everyday work of running an association doesn’t get accomplished.

They have since started outsourcing components of the organization to Aptify to supplement their marketing, human resources, finance, or information technology departments—with onshore and offshore options—in order to get their daily business operations completed consistently, reliably, and affordably.

Why Did So Many Associations Move to Aptify?

Aptify understood where the association market was heading. In addition to just plain getting it, we have a passionate commitment to our clients and a proven history of continual foresight.

Brand Promises

Flexible Solutions + Guaranteed Upgrade Path

Aptify has provided our clients with the most flexible approach to association management since we first entered the market.

This is even more critical in 2019, as our world is changing faster than ever. While flexibility is important, it must never come at the expense of being locked into the world of untenable costs and inflexibility that customization creates.

Customization is an inherently bad thing. Aptify will never customize. Our configuration model is proven from a two-decade track record of providing clients with unparalleled agility, while ensuring that upgrades are manageable in a reasonable timeframe and cost. This brand promise underscores Aptify’s Core Values of Flexibility and Accountability.

Flexible Solutions + Guaranteed Upgrade Path

Organizations are rightly concerned about the unexpected costs that often accompany a complex system implementation project. Accountability is one of Aptify’s Core Values. When we commit to do something, we do it the way we said they would and charge the amount of money we said we would.

The client is accountable to Aptify for paying what they said they would pay and sticking with what they said they wanted. This accountability pledge that goes in both directions builds the foundation for a long-term partnership.



Aptify is often cited as one of the first companies to have earned Certified Evergreen company status.

As an Evergreen organization, Aptify is built to last, experience sustainable growth, and enjoy long-term profitability with the goal of being around 100 years from now, still serving this market and our clients.

Aptify is built on the stable tenant that neither the success of an organization’s people nor its mission should ever be compromised for the sake of outside equity. Evergreen organizations embrace a conscious decision to plan for steady growth by taking calculated risks. The outcome of such growth without venture backing is a company that’s both long-lasting and profitable.

The 7 Ps of Evergreen



Being passionately driven by a compelling vision and mission.



Taking advantage of the ability of closely held private companies to have a longer- term view, greater confidentiality around strategies, and more operating flexibility than public or exit-oriented businesses.



Having the ambition and the resilience to overcome obstacles and keep pursuing the mission indefinitely into the future.



Not mistaking profit as the purpose of the business; but recognizing it is essential to survival and independence, and the most accurate measure of client value delivered.

People First

People First

Engaging talented associates who are motivated by the mission and the culture. By taking care of them, they will take care of the clients, suppliers, partners, communities, and their families.

Paced Growth

Paced Growth

Having the discipline to focus on long-term strategy, balance short-term and long- term performance, and grow steadily and consistently from year to year.

Pragmatic Innovation

Pragmatic Innovation

Embracing a continuous-improvement process built around taking capital-efficient, calculated risks to innovate creatively within constraints.

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