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Social Media Infusion

This solution serves us well not just for today, but for the next decade. Our members can contribute, share and collaborate, all through a private social network that is tightly integrated with our association management platform. Rachael Bell Manager, Online Communications NJSCPA
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Social Media must be directly and deeply integrated into your Association Management Software (AMS). Without a completely integrated solution, you will be missing out on a huge part of the member experience. Engaging members today requires being active where they are congregating. This means having an active presence on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ and in many cases having your own private social network site as well.

From an AMS point of view, we believe these social streams must be fully integrated into the member profile within your AMS database. Additionally, integrating the social network directly into the relationships in the AMS allows the association to drive viral marketing, referrals, and much more on their web site and other mediums.

Aptify functionality includes all of these abilities and much more. This is an area that is changing fast and the Aptify R&D team is focused on continuing to drive exciting innovation at the intersection of AMS and Social Media.