Association Management Software SolutionsAdopt Once. Adapt Often.


Let's face it - implementing any type of complex CRM or ERP software is going to be tough! There are lots of hurdles to jump over including organizational change, training of staff, and the process of installing and configuring the software. That's why we're here to help you. We know that in the course of their careers most association professionals only implement an AMS a handful of times. At Aptify, all we do is help clients implement our software and navigate through these challenges, so we are here to help you all the way.

At Aptify, we have a global delivery team and a process we refer to as the Aptify Implementation Model (AIM).


At the start of a new client relationship, Aptify's professional services team will engage in an exercise we refer to as Discovery. This process allows the association and Aptify to have a clear picture of exactly what will be implemented, who is responsible for what, and the timeline for the project. In addition, Discovery helps set priorities by mapping out potential future phases of work that will not be included in the initial effort. Discovery is key to a successful project because it establishes clear and realistic expectations for all involved.

Project Management

A collaborative and rigorous approach to managing an implementation is critical to all of the project stakeholders. Aptify project management focuses on ensuring effective communication, project focus, and appropriate controls are maintained throughout the effort. Aptify project managers team up with client representatives to ensure that the project is running smoothly towards a successful, on-time, and on-budget completion.

Business Process Review

An integral aspect of implementing Aptify is to ensure that the business processes that will be managed are the best fit for your organization. Many organizations find themselves in a situation during implementation where current processes are no longer best practices, and are in need of change. Aptify professional services team members will guide you through the business process review and ensure that you are taking advantage of the best-practices available within the standard product.

Data Conversion

Accurately converting business information from one or more legacy environments is required in most system implementations. Aptify has performed conversions for customers from many commercial software packages, custom systems, and a mixture of the above. In performing such conversions, Aptify places an emphasis on data quality, reduction of duplicate data, and improving accuracy of validation. Aptify frequently teams up with client team members to perform data conversions.


One of the greatest strengths of the Aptify platform is its ability to accommodate unique requirements without customization - using the power of the Aptify platform. Whenever configuration needs arise, a client may choose to undertake them internally or to request assistance from Aptify's professional services team. Aptify's team members are able to cost-effectively produce configurations under the most challenging of time constraints. Our Global Delivery Model is also able to reduce costs by leveraging Aptify's own global staff to reduce cost and accelerate delivery across time zones


Modern information technology environments demand a highly flexible approach to systems integration. Aptify's service oriented system architecture makes it possible to integrate nearly any type of technology system. Some of the most common integration points include collaboration tools, email, financial systems and content management systems. Aptify team members can assist with these types of integration as well as any other unique requirements you may have.

Quality Assurance

A continual focus on quality is ensured through Aptify's methodology. Each stage of the implementation process has quality review checkpoints and processes to ensure appropriate levels of review on both the client and Aptify side. QA is critical throughout the project, and is not solely focused on at the latter stages of a project. Aptify is able to help its clients ensure solution quality by keeping sights set on quality metrics throughout the engagement.

User Training

Technology systems that are not understood by their intended users will not meet their objectives. It is critical to invest the time and resources initially and over time to maximize user understanding of the solution. While Aptify's product is intuitive and intentionally mimics popular web and desktop applications, it is still necessary to formalize the training process so that each end user has a high degree of confidence before going live.